a short guide to the

mellow massage EXPERIENCE

A guide for where to go, what to do and what happens next

After you book online; you will receive a confirmation email with all the details you need. You’ll also receive a reminder 24hrs prior to your scheduled appointment via email. 

On the day of your initial appointment: Please arrive 10 minutes early to your scheduled massage.

Park in the driveway (or on the street). Please knock, I will meet & greet you at the front door before providing a short tour which will lead you straight into the treatment room. Here you will be seated and given a chance to switch off. You’ll be served a cup of herbal tea while you complete a medical disclosure questionnaire. I’ll remind you to switch your phone to silent.Then, we’ll briefly discuss and tailor your massage treatment plan.

You’ll then be guided though how to prepare for the treatment and given privacy before the mellow massage begins.

Cheers to more mellow moments!