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I invite you to indulge and treat yourself by booking in your Mellow-Massage today!

Mend + mellow

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Mellow Massage

Enjoy this signature full body massage

The mellow-massage is both therapeutic and deeply relaxing. This tailored massage is more than just a classic Swedish relaxation treatment. It blends soothing flowing massage methods with as many deep-tissue techniques as you desire.

Mellow even further within an inviting room, with soft ambient music, warm lighting and wonderfully scented oils.

Benefits include: Increased awareness and relaxation. Ease of muscle tension. Relief from stress and anxiety.

Mellow-Massage: 45min $60 / 60min $80 / 90min $120

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Please arrive 10 minutes early for your initial appointment, thank you.

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mellow Mumma

Make Monday’s your Mum-day’s while you prepare for motherhood.

For expecting mums-to-be 12+ weeks

Allow me, a qualified massage therapist who has specialised training in pregnancy massage, to take care of you and your little one. This mellow-mumma massage may mellow and mend your muscle tension.

The treatment is a specialised side-lying massage, featuring soft sheets, pillows and nourishing safe oils. This full body treatment will focus on your issue areas like your; lower back, hip and shoulders. It may also help ease any swelling you may be experiencing due to pregnancy.

Benefits: Increased relaxation. Reduction of muscular discomforts. Alleviates swelling & oedema. Promotes restful sleep.

Mellow-Mumma: 60min $90 / 80min $120

Book online today!

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your initial appointment, thank you.

*Certified in Pregnancy Massage by Pregnancy Massage Australia.

*As a professional Massage Therapist, your health and wellbeing is my number one priority. I advise all my clients to gain consent for pregnancy massage in writing (prior to treatment) from your health care profession. If you have any concerns, please contact me prior to booking an appointment.