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Mellow Massage

The mellow signature treatment
This therapeutic massage will be tailored to suit what your body needs.

Indulge in a sensational whole body experience that combines aromatic oils, hot stones as well as specialised massage techniques.

Relax within a cosy modern home-based studio. As a certified professional treats your muscles within a private clean treatment room, filled with ambient music, soft lighting and lightly scented oils.

Benefits include: may help mend muscles, ease muscle tension, mellow-out mood, promote mindfulness and more.
Mellow-Massage: 60min $80 / 75min $100 / 90min $120

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hot-stone / relaxation / deep-tissue

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your initial appointment, thank you.

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Mellow Mumma Massage

The mellow pregnancy treatment
This massage may help mellow your muscles as you baby grows.

This pregnancy massage will safely pamper your whole body and baby.

This treatment delves gently into your muscles to ease pain, alleviate swelling and feels oh-so-good. This specialised side-lying massage, uses nourishing safe oils. You’ll be covered by sheets, supported by pillows and be comfortable enough to fall asleep.

Benefits: may help manage muscular discomforts, alleviate swelling and promote sleep.
Mellow Mum Massage: 75min $90

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For expecting mums-to-be 12+ weeks

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your initial appointment, thank you.

*Certified in Pregnancy Massage by Pregnancy Massage Australia.

*As a professional Massage Therapist, your health and wellbeing is my number one priority. I advise all my clients to gain consent for pregnancy massage in writing (prior to treatment) from your health care profession. If you have any concerns, please contact me prior to booking an appointment.