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refreshing your night routine and rituals

“My #1 New Years Mellow Resolution is to be more mellow.” Amber

going to bed earlier

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This past week I challenge myself to go to bed earlier

I began my night routine or evening wind-down ritual at 10pm for most of the nights this week and I’ve instantly noticed that I feel SO MUCH BETTER!

This year I’ve been intentionally more kind to myself and I’ve tried to throw perfectionism out the door and focus on small simple changes. Since my Mellow Resolution this year is to become more mellow, I’ve decided to tackle one small mellow challenge one per week.

This past week’s challenge was surprisingly easy and fun! Instead of forcing myself to go to bed early (like I have done and failed at in the past). This week I simply started to get ready for bed at 10pm and allowed myself to fall asleep naturally whatever time that eventually was. By doing this I found that I actually fell asleep earlier than I usually would. It also helped me stay consistent with this challenge throughout the whole week.

Easily being able to sick to my new routine made me feel great! I woke up happier and felt more inspired try adding more health habits into my days.

are you keen to enjoy more mellow nights?

One thing that I’m aware has kept me from enjoying my mellow time is my addiction to social media. But let’s be honest my addiction linked to the internet, apps, social media, photo’s and well everything else that’s within my iPhone.

Over the past week my phone has been the hardest thing to put down before I go to bed. I’ve started to notice how it steals so much of my day, and has left me with little to no spare time any real mellow moments. But I’m done with being distracted from the more important things in my life. I want to be fully present and enjoy more time with my boyfriend and also have more time to create more mellow content, rather than constantly being a consumer.

I must admit that my phone is constantly in my hand, I feel strange without it, I take it everywhere and its one thing I rarely if ever loose. But over the past week I’ve come to realised that my phone is actually the core reason I’m less mellow and stay up way too late at night!

While I could talk about the many negative effects of being on your phone late at night, and its negative impact one’s ability to sleep well. Instead I hope to simply inspire you try the simple habit of putting your phone to bed (ideally two hours) before you go to sleep each night. By implementing this habit I hope we can all enjoy more mellow moments and nights.

Pretty lady lies in bed indoors. Eyes closed.

This simple mellow solution was inspired by Amy Landino who puts her phone to bed each night in a seperate room (out of her bedroom). I myself put my phone to bed, to charge in there every night in my ensuite. But sometimes I leave it in the kitchen because then its way less likely to sneak back into bed with me.

Every night I WILL put my phone to bed first!

This weeks Mellow Resolution is to put my phone to bed at 10pm, and then enjoy my mellow night routine without technology distracting me and steeling away my mellow time! Of course this week I’ll give myself the freedom to snuggle into bed and turn the lights off when I’m truly sleepy.

“Empower yourself to change what you can change. Part of being mellow is knowing when you should actually change something that is gnawing at you…” author unknown

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my simple mellow night routine

  • Put my iPhone to bed (Turned off or on silent in my Ensuite)

  • Change into my sleepwear, (note to self, I need some new pyjamas)

  • Brush Teeth and floss (I need to start actually flossing regularly)

  • Wash my face (I not normally a fan of rose but I adore misting my face with Natio’s rose water before bed)

  • Journal, write in my five minute journal (a simple gratitude journal)

  • Read a book until I feel ready to drift asleep (I’ve recently started You do You by Sarah Night)

While I continue to establish my 2019 mellow night routine, feel free to join the challenge yourself this week (or whenever) and use the hashtag #mellownight on Instagram @mellowmassage.amber so I can see and support your new night routine! I’ll let you know how my challenge goes each week here on the Mellow Blog. Next week I’ll be setting up my new Mellow Morning Routine!

Until next time, Cheers to more mellow moments (and nights), Amber

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