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Welcome to another Mellow Blog post

Over the past month I’ve been busy organising a few exciting things.

For instance, I’ve re-opened Mellow Massage! Come in and enjoy an indulgent massage this Monday or Wednesday (book online here). I’ve also, just celebrated my step-sister’s big day, congratulations Mrs and Mr Baker! Yes, I’m very blessed to be part of my big and beautiful family. Lastly, I’m excited to share with you all, that I’m continuing my massage studies.

This year, I’ll be completing my Diploma of Remedial Massage, at endota Wellness College in Melbourne. 

This month, I wish to welcome you to “Mellow March”!

While this past February has seriously flown by, I want to challenge you (and myself) to create more Me-Time or “my mellow time” this month. I’ve created a printable PDF for you to download. The “MELLOW MOMENT TRACKER” is a printable that will help you plan and stick to the new mellow habits. Simply click the link below to download.

March will no doubt be my busiest month yet! I’ll be studying in the city, massaging clients from home and working retail every weekend. While I enjoy being busy, I know that being over worked or under too much stress for too long is unhealthy. Moreover, its not good for my relationships, work, as well as the general health of my muscles and mind.

Therefore, I’m challenging myself and encouraging you, to create more mellow time for yourself. If you believe or have ever said “I don’t have time for that”, you need to prioritise your health (check out my previous mellow planning blog post). Don’t allow that bogus excuse limit your own potentionaln to strive for you dreams, while at the same time enjoying and loving your daily life!

So, become a creator begin making out more mellow time yourself!

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You simple have to focus for a few minutes and just decide that you deserve to be happy, feel great first and then, continue to work hard towards your dreams. Life’s hard but should also be full of fun and relaxing times. So, start rearranging, eliminating or swapping out your bad habits for awesome indulgent me-time activities. Gift yourself time for you and stop being so irritated, moody and genuinely unhappy all the time. Life’s to short my friend, so enjoy your month and if you like, book yourself a mellow massage for next Monday. Click the “Mellow Moment Tracker” below, to access and print the Mellow printable now. Enjoy Mellow March!

Cheers to more mellow moments, Amber

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