Let's plan our more mellow yet thriving lifestyle!


Mellow success is just around the corner!

“My #1 New Years Mellow Resolution is to be more mellow.” Amber

How to plan your future mellow moments:

After last weeks confession, I’m gifting myself a fresh start and some new mellow changes and challenges.

This week I want to kindly reflect, reset and refresh my mellow goals and routines. Read on to discover how I’m planning on mellowing out my month!

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reflect on your past week:

This morning I reflected back on last week, yes I judged myself a little harshly at times, but I also realised that I had neglected to plan, prepare and schedule my tasks for that week.

By not planning ahead, I experienced a lot more stress than usual and ended up in a depressing rut. Feeling low and unmotivated while also getting sick just sucked. However, I must admit that I chose to not be proactive and instead escaped into “self pity land” for a day or two. While sick, I still managed to get some of my work done. However, my diet was poor and my house was a total mess, so I didn’t enjoy or give myself the downtime I truly needed in order to recover and feel better.

Moving onto today’s actual topic. How I venture from “self pity land” to more appealing places, like “Mellow Momentum land”. Was simple. Instead of eating something comforting yet unhealthy, I drank a crazy refreshing green juice and kicked myself back on my mellow health track!

Reset your main priorities:

List your 5 main priorities for this week, mine are:

  1. Mental Health & Wellbeing

  2. Physical Health (eating, movement and hydration)

  3. Work (studies, design and massage business)

  4. Living Space (general house keeping)

  5. Downtime (technology-free time)

By knowing what your main priorities are, you can then begin planning out you day, week and months, in advance.

For instance, if you wish to mellow out your mind, muscles and mood, I can help, simply book in a Mellow Massage online now! #shamelessselfpromotion

This way, you can be more confident that you will be spending more time doing what you should, rather than spending hours wasting time online to watching Netflix. Boost you mood and mellow your mind by simply creating a prioritise schedule. Planning your day, week, month of paper is a fantastic way to eliminated unnecessary mental clutter and stress.

Junge Frau wärmt Hände an Teetasse

refresh your daily routines:

my mellow morning:

Hydrate, simply drink water,

Journal (Five Minute Journal)

Movement (walk, yoga, gym)

Meditation (headspace App)

Healthy breakfast

Reflecting over schedule

Getting ready and dressed for success.

my mellow night:

Turned off phone and charge in the Ensuite

Schedule, plan and prepare for tomorrow

Get ready for bed, change into pyjamas

Brush teeth and remember to floss.

Refresh my face with Natio’s rose water mist.

Journal, write in my Five Minute Journal

Read a book, I’ve just recently finished Ruined by Amy Tintera.

mellow Amber plan.jpg

My Kikki.K 2019 Diary (2019 A6 WEEKLY DIARY: INSPIRATION) and my Fox & Fallow 2019 Stardust Spiral Planner are pictured above, photography by me, Amber Loader, 2019.

Schedule, plan and prepare!

its time to plan, prepare and schedule for this week

It’s finally time to plan out this weeks task in your planner, diary and iPhones calendar, whatever works for you. Since everyone’s planning styles and content will vary, I won’t go into much detail on how to step by step plan your life. Just start get started and anything that may be stressing you out put it down on paper and plan to take action towards eliminating it.

So go, get off your device and plan and get ready for an amazing week ahead! Good luck!

Until next time, Cheers to more mellow moment, Amber

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Amber Loader