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failing was not part of my mellow plan

Welcome to another Mellow Blog post! This week, I’m keeping the post short and sweet. If your new here, hello, please feel free to read the previous posts instead. Otherwise, for those who read last weeks post I have a confession.

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This week, or rather last week I FAILED! Yup, I totally failed to enjoy more mellow nights and instead I totally fell back into unhealthy habits. Has this happened to you? Have you fail to follow through with your goals/resolutions this year? We let’s try again! I’m not giving up! Are you? Besides, it’s not even February, we can’t give up. Tonight is new night and a fresh start, so tonight, lets work towards our Mellow Resolutions and try, try, try again!

My #1 New Years “Mellow Resolution” is to be more mellow.

Just because I failed once doesn’t mean I’ll fail EVERY-TIME. Last week, simply had a bad week that’s all. I don’t want to feel horrible tomorrow morning therefore tonight I’m going to bed early. I also know that if I wake up without a plan, I’m highly likely to waste my morning if not my while day. So, I know that I must plan my day the night before. But I’ll save my planning details for next weeks post.

Tonight’s Plan:

First; I’ll write out my plan for tomorrow and then, I’ll begin my Mellow Night Routine (early at 9pm). That way I can enjoy sipping on tea while I get really immersed in my latest novel, before bed.

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Next week’s post:

Next week I’ll be showing you an in depth view into how I’m planning my Mellow Week! Plus tips and tricks on how you can simply, help mellow my mind and muscles fast! Until then, I hope you also continue your resolutions and strive to enjoy more mellow nights this week.

Cheers to more mellow moments, Amber

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