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Meet Ilana Kosakiewicz

a woman who understands that SELF CARE AND AWARENESS IS ESSENTIAL!

Words   — Amber Loader & Ilana Kosakiewicz    Images   —  Sorell Wilson   (or)   Ulrike Reinhold

Words — Amber Loader & Ilana Kosakiewicz

ImagesSorell Wilson (or) Ulrike Reinhold

Ilana Kosakiewicz

business owner, kinesiologist, coach and speaker

Ilana’s business ILANA K offers incredible wellness services in both Latrobe Valley and Melbourne. 

You will find her at Latrobe Chiropractic in Morwell once a week offering Kinesiology and Food DNA Hair Testing.

Every month she also offers a restorative yoga and meditation class at Expansion Yoga in Traralgon. Which I attended recently & highly recommend for anyone who’s after a blissful evening!

She also, runs a range of local seasonal retreats. I’ll be attending her up coming mini Spring Retreat this September, join me by booking online (details below)!

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Ilana’s story

her past now fuels her future! 

Ilana Kosakiewicz is a Taurus and true local having been born and raised in Morwell, Victoria.

As a child she loved to dance (ballet, jazz, contemporary - the works). But as an adult she found herself working within the power industry (both locally and in Melbourne) in administration and eventually as an accountant.

After over a decade of work in the industry, Ilana suddenly hit complete rock bottom the week of her 30th birthday in 2014. At this point she found herself both emotionally and physically unwell. As she was overwhelmed by chronic fatigue and lyme-like autoimmune disease. 

Ilana describes this time as her turning point, a “…low point of my life that took me on a healing journey that sparked an even greater curiosity in health and wellbeing…”.

This eventually lead her to become healthier as she strived for a more balanced lifestyle. Today, she’s the owner of ILANA K, a wellness business that helps to motive and guide others to find what brings them joy, passion and renewed love for life.

After attending her restore yoga and meditation workshop, I have seen how she calmly radiates wellness in her own way. In my opinion, her past seems to only fuel her bright future as well as her passion for kinesiology, yoga and meditation. 

Mellow Q&A:

with Ilana Kosakiewicz

Do you have any daily/weekly/monthly mellow routines or rituals?

Daily: When I first wake up I start my day with a glass of warm water with grated ginger and fresh lemon juice, followed by 20 minutes of meditation to connect with my feelings and thoughts and five minutes of journalling or gratitude words. 

Weekly: Get outside for a walk at least 4 days a week, 2-3 yoga and/or pilates classes, 3-4 yoga nidra meditations. I also meal plan and schedule my business tasks for the week ahead.

Monthly: Every month I have a massage, float and a kinesiology session for maintaining my health and wellbeing. I like to have a general plan of my business activities and goals for the month.

What strategies help you deal with the stressful aspects of running your own business?

My top 10 strategies for running my own business are:

  1. Don’t do it alone find a mentor or coach to assist you from the start

  2. Make sure you understand your “why”, why are in in business?

  3. Have written goals, dream and desire and go for them

  4. Plan, plan and plan! Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

  5. Make self care a priority, your business can’t flourish if your burnout

  6. Take one day, one project, one event and one year at a time

  7. Mindset matters “Where energy goes, attention flows”. Turn negative thoughts into positive magic

  8. Set realistic budgets and look at your budgets / finances often

  9. Don’t be scared to follow your heart and trust in your intuition

  10. Take the risks that scare you the most!

How do you feel when you get enough time for yourself?

Expansive, vibrant and so alive. I have so much more to give and share when my self tank is full.

When you do not get enough, you often…

Feel really anxious and I know that it's time to take some space to feel and work through why I'm anxious. Our bodies and minds always have the answers, we just need to take a moment to pay attention, listen and then, act accordingly.

How do you mindfully manage your mental health? 

Mental health has affected a lot of my dad's family and awareness has always been key at managing my own mindset, having also been through challenges with my own mindset.  

I manage my mindset with daily meditations, restorative yoga, yoga nidra meditation, letting go of my “monkey mind” when I catch myself in a spiral and having compassion for myself when I'm having a bad day.

I also use release writing or just getting out my thoughts onto paper a really easy and effective strategy to manage my thoughts when I can’t get my mind to stop thinking or I’m stressed about something. 

What are your favourite ways to move your body and maintain your muscles?

  1. Yoga - slow flow, hatha, yin and restorative yoga

  2. Pilates

  3. Dancing - Latin / Brazilian dancing

  4. Walking

  5. Boxing - I haven’t done it in a while, but I want to get back into it.

What songs/people/activities help to put you in a good mood? 

Going for a walk or yoga class usually helps to give me an energy boost and gets me pumped, podcasts always get my juices flowing (currently loving Lunar Lover Jordanna Levin, Stevie Says Social and On Purpose with Alex Beadon), audiobooks I love Brene Brown, Dr Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins, Melissa Ambrosini, Denise Duffield Thomas and I love listening to brazilian zouk music. 

What’s on your menu at home after a long day?

Homemade curries, soups, quinoa roasted vegetable salad with kale, seeds and avocado, roasted sweet potato with sri lankan dhal and sauteed greens, I could go on and on. I’m a big wholefoods foodie and cook most of our meals at home.

What would your ideal mellow day off look like, here in Traralgon?

My ideal day in Traralgon would consist of:

  1. Morning walk

  2. Yoga class

  3. Lunch at Onyx Cafe

  4. Afternoon float

  5. Dinner with family or friends

Spring Retreat Afternoon:

Sunday September 15th at Expansion Yoga from 2pm to 5pm.

This event is about taking 3 hours to stop, rest, restore and reflect. The last two have sold out, so bookings are essential

Restorative Yoga Class:

Friday 20th September at Expansion Yoga from 7.15pm.

This event always sells out, so make sure you book to secure your spot

WEEKEND Women’s Retreat: 

Friday 4th to 6th October in Wesburn. 1.5 hours from Traralgon.

A weekend full of relaxation, gentle restful yoga, Tibeatan sound bowl healing, meditation, nourishing food by a wholefoods chef and two days to just connect with yourself and like minded women. Only 13 places and only 3 remaining currently.

Thank you Ilana, for sharing your story as well as so many insightful wellness tips!

Now, how will you enjoy more mellow moments this month? While I’d recommend retreating this month, by booking yourself a mellow massage or attending a yoga and meditation session. I’m always curious to know more about you, and your own mellow moment ideas.

So, take a moment to comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

Cheers to more mellow moments, Amber

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