Meet Lucy, Mother + Lash Specialist


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Meet Lucy

she’s a mother, a beach lover & a local lash specialist!

Lucy is genuine, lovely and chatty local lady who excels at helping you feel pretty by enhancing your natural lashes and brows! Originally from England, Lucy moved to Melbourne, before eventually settling down here in Traralgon.

Words   — Amber Loader & guest Lucy Santos

Words — Amber Loader & guest Lucy Santos

Lucy Santos

Mother & small business owner

Lucy ~ Hello, I am Lucy and I am the woman behind the tools at the Lash Room on Franklin.

I have been doing lash extensions now for over 8 years. I absolutely love what I do and find it so therapeutic.

My small salon offers lash extensions, lash lifting and waxing. I trained in lash extensions back in the UK where I established my first business, I then relocated to Australia where I worked in some high end luxury lash salons in Elwood & Fitzroy.

As a personal client of Lucy’s, my lashes have never looked better! I indulge in a ‘lash nap’ every few weeks and love our chats or simply relaxing as she works her magic.

I’m so happy to share a little bit more about Lucy with you all, and hope that you can enjoy feeling better and a little bit more prettier thanks to a set of lashes.

Below, you’ll soon discover Lucy’s main ‘mellow moments’ as well as a glimpse into her lash salon based here in Traralgon.

Mellow Q&A:

with Lucy, from lash room on franklin

What strategies help you deal with the stressful aspects of running your own business?

When you love what you do, then I don’t suppose it’s stressful as such. Probably the hardest aspect is juggling motherhood and running a business.

Do you have any mellow routines or rituals?

Yes, I make sure that I book in a monthly mellow massage. I tend to get lower back pain due to sitting and leaning, so this treatment works wonders.

I also go for long walks with my son during the week while his sister is at school. We like to get some Vit D and fresh air at least once a week. I also try get a visit in at the beach in inverloch once a month, even in the winter months. It is so beautiful there and I find the beach so calming. It’s good for the soul!

How do you feel when you don’t get enough time for yourself?

If I don’t get enough time for myself, I do get a little anxious.

I have to make a conscious effort to make time for me, running a business and being a parent to two young children can be overwhelming. That is why having ‘ME’ time is important for my own health and mental wellbeing.

How do you mindfully manage your mental health?

Having Sunday as my day of rest, helps me manage my mental health the most.

It’s the day I get to catch up on all the little things, like house work and laundry, without my Sunday’s I’d go insane!”

What are your favourite ways to move your body and maintain your muscles?

I adore going for long walks to clear my mind and get the endorphins going. I also, try getting to the gym straight after work and make sure I make time for my monthly massage.

What songs / people / activities help to put you in a good mood?

My kids! Are the best at putting me in good mood (when they’re not nagging) and my friends of course!

I laugh so much when I am with my girlfriends, they keep me feeling young and sane.

Songs that I am listening to at the moment are by Ziggy alberts, his voice relaxes me so much, I listen to his album on repeat while I do the house work. A coffee in hand and a bit of Ziggy on a Sunday are my go to’s.

What’s on your menu at home after a long day?

I tend to stick to red meat and salmon for my meals, with either veggies or a salad. Everything I eat has to have garlic in it, garlic is my saviour.

I do love to eat healthily but that doesn’t mean I’m not shy to a cheeky Big Mac.

What would your ideal day off look like, here in Traralgon?

My ideal day off would be waking up early to a clean and tidy house, so all is left to do is grab a coffee and drive to the beach!

Anything exciting to share with the local mellow readers?

YES! If you have a special event coming up, or you just fancy some lash extensions.

Head on over to my website at and take a look at the treatments available.

I will warn you though... lash extensions are addictive!

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I look forward to seeing you at the Lash Room, Lucy

Gritty Pretty has labeled LASH ROOM ON FRANKLIN as “…one of Victoria’s best lash experts.”

Gritty Pretty has labeled LASH ROOM ON FRANKLIN as “…one of Victoria’s best lash experts.”

Thank you Lucy, for sharing your mellow moments with us!

Now, how will you enjoy more mellow moments this month? Are you tempted to make time for a monthly massage too? Or now that the sun is shining more, will you venture down to the nearest beach this spring? Please #mellowlashes when you book your lash set with Lucy! We’d love to see you beautiful face!

So, take a moment to comment below, we would love to hear from you!

Cheers to more mellow moments, Amber

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