2019 New Years Resolutions


let’s ENJOY OUR LIVES more this year

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Its officially the second week of 2019 already, Happy belated New Years by the way! I hope you have enjoyed your holidays and feel refreshed and ready for this amazing year ahead. And welcome to the first blog post of 2019! This month, I’ll be posting a “Mellow Monday” blog post about all things that may benefit your mind, muscles and mood every week.

This week’s post is all about setting carefree MELLOW RESOLUTIONS, these are not your average stressful and impossible challenges. Let me explain, this week I want to encourage you to not give up on setting your 2019 New Years Resolutions. Although resolutions may seem stressful or impossible to sustain beyond January, a resolution is simply a decision that you are 100% committed to accomplishing. Therefore, obviously a New Years resolution is something you are determined to achieve this year.

My #1 New Years “Mellow Resolution” is to be more mellow.

The fun part of setting your 2019 New Years Resolutions is that YOU have total control of what YOU will choose to commit to. So what’s the problem? Oh yeah, you may think or believe that you need to set these crazy punishingly hard and dull (whoops, I meant difficult) resolutions. Well, you don’t, I mean if your a masochist feel free, but YOU and I, we should instead make this years resolutions fun, exciting and feature only the things that we would totally love to do!

While I’ve set many unrealistic and punishingly dull resolutions in the past (like yesterday) that I’ve NEVER completed, I think this years Mellow Resolutions could be more fun! So, I’m going to set the most MELLOW, the most INDULGENT, the most LOVING AND ENJOYABLE resolutions possible this year. Feel free to join me!

While I hope you’re now excited to set a new mellow resolutions this year, I understand that life is hard and challenging at times. All I’m saying is that I want to be kind to myself (and other’s) and simply enjoy more mellow moments in life. The only truly difficult resolution I’ve set for myself this year is to figure out how to better manage my mental health, lessen my stress levels and learn how to proactively manage any overwhelming situations that may greet me this year.

However, I’d totally rather concentrate on spending more time with my forever expanding family and friends, as well as my many personal pursuits. For instance, I’m looking forward to blogging more, escaping over seas with my man (Canada, USA, NZ or Japan?) and finally, I also will book in more massages for myself this year.

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Oh, that’s reminds me, as you know I’m a qualified Massage Therapist (currently nursing an injured arm) but still I’m also planning on completing more massage training courses this year. Which means Mellow Massage will be offering even more specialised Mellow Massage treatments throughout 2019.

This month, while my arm recovers, I’ll be baking, designing, learn photography, eating fresh whole foods (would you like some mellow meal recipes?) and creating my master plan for all my mellow resolutions this year. Feel free to message me or comment on my instagram posts what your #mellowresolutions are this year!

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Cheers to more mellow moments, Amber

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