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Amber Loader

Massage Therapist

Hello gorgeous, I’m Amber the woman behind Mellow Massage Studio.

As a self appointed mellow advocate, I try to balance my massage therapy, studies and weekend work with a few mellow moments each week. Personally my ideal downtime include staying in or venturing out for a coffee date with a close friend or sister, morning yoga & of course treating myself to a much needed massage.

Monday has become my favourite day of the week! Every Mellow-Monday I’m lucky enough to connect with beautiful local women and treat them to a mellow massage. I’ve set up my home studio to become a lovely casual retreat for busy women who need a break. Here you can take a break all your responsibilities and simply allow me to take care of your mind and body. My style of massage is a mixture of deep and soothing techniques that are blended together to warm up, stretch and relieve muscle tension.

At Mellow Massage Studio your health and wellbeing is my number one priority. If you have any concerns, specific injuries or chronic condition/s please contact me prior to booking an appointment.

Cheers to more mellow massages, Amber.

mellow moments in Gippsland

Mellow Gippsland ideas; there are so many more mellow moments to be had in Traralgon; Try yoga while watching the sunrise with Karma Yoga with Jane, cook or bake a plant-based recipe find inspiration & ingredients at The Source Traralgon, soak in a bath salts with candles & music, walk through Tarra-Bulga National Park, meditate with Headspace, listen to the ambient bands like Hammock or positive podcasts like The Ikonns, keep a daily gratitude journal or simply get cosy with a tea & a old good book.


This year, I’m excited to announce that

I’m studying Remedial Massage!

I’m currently studying Remedial Massage Therapy part-time at endota Wellness College in Melbourne.

As a certified massage therapist already, I’m furthering my training to help my clients suffering from specific injuries and chronic muscular condition/s. Ultimately, my goal is to incororate remedial treatments into my signature mellow massage style.

Later this year (2019) I’ll be offering discounted student-based remedial massages for a limited time only terms and conditions will apply.

Would you like a mellow massage this Monday?