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Mellow Massage Studio

Traralgon’s finest home-based massage studio

As a qualified Massage Therapist, I specialise in deep-tissue, relaxation and pregnancy massage.

Come on over! Indulge in a satisfying massage experience within my modern home massage studio. As a qualified professional I always aim to deeply mend your muscles while allowing you to mindfully mellow out.

Every treatment is individually tailored to indulge your senses, assists in relieving your muscle tension and may offer you greater peace of mind.

You’re welcome to take your time, get comfortable and book in a your feel-good mellow massage online today.

Cheers to more mellow moments!

Amber, Massage Therapist


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Massage Therapist

Hello Beautiful!

I’m Amber, my mellow approach seamlessly combines relaxation and therapeutic techniques.

As a Massage Therapist & mellow advocate, I endeavour to treat every BODY with kindness, expertise & care. Discover more about me here.

In essence, my mellow massages are indulgent as well as deeply beneficial.

As always, cheers to more mellow moments, Amber

qualified / compassionate / professional

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Allow a passionate professional to mindfully mellow your muscles, mind & mood!

Use the code: “MELLOWME” at checkout to SAVE $10 on your initial massage appointment. Terms and conditions apply.