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women’s-only massage studio

Mellow Massage Studio is the perfect retreat for women to mend and mellow away from home and work.  

As a woman, your muscles, mind & mood are constantly changing throughout womanhood. As a qualified Massage Therapist, I endeavour to thoughtfully tailor treatments that may help you feel better. While massage isn’t a miraculous cure, my mellow and pregnancy massages may help ease your general muscular concerns.

Simply book an appointment online now, to secure your personal invitation to Mellow Massage Studio.

Cheers to more mellow moments!


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Hello Beautiful!

I adore treating women, like you, to indulgent mellow massages every Monday! As a passionate professional and mellow advocate, I endeavour to treat every BODY with kindness, compassion and care. Discover more about me here.

As always, cheers to more mellow moments, Amber


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